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Google may pull out of China - Google may pull out of China

Google and China haven’t enjoyed the best of relations of late.

Recent allegations of hacking attempts as well as the long running controversy of China’s censorship policies and Google’s recent refusal to comply have brought things to breaking point.

[Rumor] An official statement from Google is expected on Monday and will confirm or deny rumors that Google’s China operation may end as soon as April 10th.

Whilst access to information is the life blood of democracy and the people of China will lose yet another non-governmental source, what would be worse is for Google to continue collaborating with the regime offering an official version of reality, one that is purely to further the aims of an ideology rather than to further an ideal aim – freedom of information.

At least when you know your government controls what you see and hear you’re aware of the bias and can begin to start thinking for yourself.

When you think the press is a free and fair representation of what “really happened” and what “everyone thinks” not only will you believe the party line, you’ll take it to heart and repeat it.

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