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Website progress

I’ve made quite a bit of progress remaking the Devolved website, it was much needed with the last design being 2 years old and some of the information was out of date.

There are still some pages to write and a few graphics to make before I start on the blog proper but I think I’ll approach this as a mini project in itself. I’ll be adding some client help but I’m not sure if I want to add a specific section or just deal with subjects on the blog as and when they arise.

Have really spared as much time as I can with quite a heavy workload so I’m just going to make the portfolio presentable for now, then like the blog treat it as a mini project.

What I’m looking to achieve with this update is

  • logical structure which will allow for growth
  • fuller explanation of skill sets
  • better internal linking
  • greater search engine visilibity
  • more generally helpful information
  • cleaner design with more readable typography
  • integration with other websites specifically social networking

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