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There is a text only version of this site which doesn’t have any images to download, is high contrast and features an in-page font resizer.

We always use relative font sizes so they can be resized. If you wish to resize your text you can do the following …

  • Internet Explorer: View > Text Size
  • Firefox: select View > Text Size
  • Opera: select View > Zoom

You may also be able to use ctrl and +/- to resize your text as it has become a standard of many modern browsers.

Devolved accessibility basics

Always include a “Skip Navigation” link at the beginning of each page so people using assistive technologies can skip navgiation and go straight to each page’s content.

Headings are used in logical order and none of our mark up is used for it’s default layout properties, only those that have semantic value.

We use xhtml and css to allow content to be more easily viewed and where needed altered by the user. Devolved also adhere to all modern standards retaining backward compatibility and usability.

Images use alt text when they convey important information. Images used purely for design or layout are set as background images or have empty alt attributes to minimise clutter for those who use text browsers or have images disabled.

Form elements are associated with descriptive labels and are laid out logically.