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Frequently asked questions

I want to be number one on Google for “widgets”, can you do this?

It depends on a lot of factors: the way the website is built, what you have to offer people, how much time and money you can invest and of course how many other people want to be #1.

What we can always do is give you a realistic appraisal based the resources you have available and deliver great rankings at a fraction of the cost of self proclaimed SEO gurus.

How will I know who is visiting my website?

We use Google Analytics to track visitors so you’ll be able to login and check them whenever you want to.

Will I get personalised email with my website?

If we host your website you can have as many email addresses as you want (within reason).

What happens if my website breaks?

We’re always available to advise you on your website if you’re unsure, however if you get in a muddle we have the experience and are¬†happy to help get you back on track for free.

If you’ve ignored our advice, had others work on the site who caused the problems or been reckless with your login information (e.g. your PC gets hacked) we may charge a nominal fee.