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Browser support

Browser support policy

We support all major current browser versions and backward compatibility for standards compliant web browsers.

Internet Explorer 6 has been in circulation since 2001 and has some major limitations when it comes to modern web design. This browser is no longer supported by Microsoft and an increasing number of major websites such as Facebook and YouTube with Google phasing out IE6 support in it’s applications.

IE6 has also recently been linked to a number of major security flaws with various governments recommending their citizens no longer use the browser.

In almost all cases your site will look and function the same in all web browsers but for some effects and features (we’ll inform you in all cases), the extra time needed to implement these in IE6 could present an unreasonable extra cost with little in the way of real benefits.

Making sure the content is available to all users is part of our core belief in accessibility however, you wouldn’t expect your black and white TV to play colour DVDs without some serious effort … sometimes it’s just not practical and another approach is required.