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Linnex Limited

Linnex website

Linnex Limited –┬áVertical storage system services

Linnex are a new company formed within the last year so it was important for them to establish an image and gain good search engine results early on.

Using the company logo colours Devolved produced a clean and clear website that has performed brilliantly for all the keyphrases Linnex needed to place for on Google.

The following list are some of the terms Linnex rank number one for on Google. They also rank first on Yahoo and Bing except for: * denotes not #1 on Yahoo and ** denotes not #1 on Bing

  • vertical storage system services **
  • vertical storage carousel repair
  • vertical storage carousel maintenance * **
  • vertical storage carousel call out
  • vertical storage carousel moving
  • storage carousel repair
  • storage carousel call out
  • storage carousel breakdown
  • storage carousel maintenance *
  • carousel electrical panel upgrades
  • megamat repair
  • linvar repair
  • denolift repair