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Content management (cms)

Content management systems

Content management systems are becoming more and more popular as people take to the web and want to take control of their websites. With CMS you decide when your site gets attention without having to rely on a web designer for maintenance and updates.

If you’ve used a word processor and uploaded a picture to Facebook you’ve already got the basic skills needed to use content management. Once it’s installed and configured you can update your website anytime of the day or night, add or remove pages, advertise your latest offers … what ever you need, whenever you need it.

There are a number of solutions available each with it’s own benefits but for the vast majority of cases you just can’t beat WordPress for it’s flexibility and ease of use. It can be scaled and customized to be just a single page blog, a regular website and even into an ecommerce platform.

Evolving from a blog platform, WordPress has become an incredibly popular and widely adopted system, not just by the web community but by major institutions such as Yahoo, The New York Times, NASA as well as a host of celebrities.

Including this website.